Jewelry Gift Boxes

Assorted Gray and Black Jewelry Gift Boxes
Our jewelry gift box selection includes elegant options such as the "Vario" collection, the premium hardwood collection and the "Silver Night" metallic finish and ribbon collections.
Cotton-Filled Boxes

Cotton Filled Boxes 
Select cotton-filled gift boxes in colors to suit your brand, sales season, or special-occasion. Combine many colors and sizes for better price breaks!

Hot foil Stamped Boxes
Impressions Hot Foil Stamping Service
Impressions™ Imprinting Service will Hot-Foil Stamp your gift boxes with your company name or logo, keeping you top-of-mind long after the sale.

Packaging Can Help to Build a Successful Brand—Box by Box

Most makers selling their work know the importance of a good quality, sturdy jewelry gift box. They also know the right gift box is more than just a vessel used to transport their jewelry design, its a reflection of their own artistic aesthetic, a representation of their organization, or the mark of their brand. Choosing the right packaging is an important step in building a successful brand and Rio Grande has the box types, styles, colors and patterns to help you make the right decision for your business.

Whether you're looking for high-end premium hardwood gift boxes or pre-gummed kraft paper shipping boxes, Rio Grande has your jewelry boxing needs covered. Our premium wood jewelry box selection includes high-gloss red rosewood gift boxes, matte brown hardwood gift boxes, and glossy black hardwood gift boxes. Depending on quality needs and budget, our "Black Soiree" gift boxes are covered with crush-resistant black velvet featuring a decorative brass rim while our black velveteen gift boxes are covered with soft, short-nap velveteen and features brass trim. We have several packaging design collections that we offer such as the burlap-wrapped "Cabana" collection, the bright blue and black "Electric Night" collection, the sleek "Vario" gift box collection with fold-down closure, and the two-toned "Joy" collection. Our most popular style of jewelry gift boxes are our paper-covered, cotton-filled boxes that are available in a wide array of color and prints and most can be customized with your brand logo with our Impressions™ Hot Foil Stamping service. 

Our Impressions Imprinting Service offers hot foil stamping services on the lid tops of most of our paper-wrapped boxes, lid liners, insert cards and packers. If you're interested in our Hot Foil Stamping services, look for the "Interested in Hot Foil Stamping" message on the product page or visit our Impressions page.