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92 results | 4 pages
Making a Textured Music Box Using a Rolling Mill
Mark Nelson takes you through a great music box project that using a rolling mill to apply beautiful patterns to copper and silver.
Forging Sterling Silver Jewelry Components
Mark Nelson shows how you can forge and form your own unique components for bracelets and necklaces using silver wire.
How to Form Convex Bracelets with Fretz Tools
Jewelry tool creator Bill Fretz tours his metal forming stakes and hammers as he makes a convex bracelet.
How To Make Cold Connections in Jewelry
Mark Nelson shows how to use cold connections when setting stones, letting you layer metals for incredible texture.
Making a Concave Cuff Bracelet with Fretz Silversmith's Forming Stakes
Watch this video presented by Bill Fretz and learn how to form a concave cuff bracelet using Silversmith's forming stakes.
Crafted Findings Riveting System Video
See how easily you can set Crafted Findings rivets, eyelets and accents into your handcrafted designs in this how-to video.
How to Soften Metal by Annealing to Make a Cuff Bracelet
See how to use annealing to soften your bracelet form during the forming process to keep the metal workable.
How to Use a Dapping Block When Metal Forming
Mark Nelson goes over the basics of dapping using blocks and punches, turning flat sheets of metal into nearly any shape!
How to Make a Seamless Ring
Create a seamless ring in minutes using the popular Swanstrom disc cutter!
How To Use the Swanstrom Disc Cutter
Take our tour of the popular Swanstrom disc cutter and learn how to easily punch metal discs and create custom washer components.
How To Make a Fibula Brooch
In this project, Mark Nelson makes a fibula brooch using silver sheet metal and basic jewelry bench tools.
Fold Forming Techniques Using Copper
Mark Nelson uses a vise, bench tools and a rolling mill to demonstrate the beauty of fold forming metal.
How To Fold Form a Metal Bead
Fold forming gives life to any metal sheet; in this project Mark Nelson shows how to make a twist bead using bench jewelry tools.
How To Forge a Sterling Silver Neck Wire
Mark Nelson demonstrates how to shape and forge a unique neck wire with a built-in loop perfect for any hanging any pendant.
Hammering and Forming Jewelry, Vol. 2--An Excerpt
Master goldsmith Bill Fretz shows a bit of hammering technique in this excerpt from his metal forming DVD.
Making a Twist-Forged Bracelet with the Fretz Jeweler's Sledge Hammer
Enjoy this video from Rio Grande in which jewelry tool designer Bill Fretz uses the Fretz Jeweler's sledge hammer to create a striking cuff bracelet with a twist accent.
How To Make Wire-Wrapped Jewelry DVD
This DVD delivers the strong foundation you need to create wire-wrapped jewelry.
How to Use the Rotating Bracelet Mandrel Holder
The best ideas are often the simplest! See how easy and intuitive it is to set up our rotating bracelet mandrel holder and to save a ton of time while metal-forming.
Metalsmith Essentials: Expert Bezel Forming Video Preview
Enjoy a quick sample of the incredible information offered in this video, hosted by renowned metalsmith and designer Bill Fretz.
How To Stamp Metal: Tips with Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson shows basic metal stamping tips so you can properly hallmark metal or add quality stamps, branding and design elements to your jewelry.
How To Make Jewelry With the Microfold Brake
Mark Nelson uses a microfold brake to give added dimension to a few simple fold forming techniques, creating a pair of copper earrings.
Metalsmith Essentials: Forming Hollow Rings Video Preview
Enjoy a quick sample of the incredible information on making hollow rings offered in this video, hosted by renowned metalsmith and designer Bill Fretz.
How To Use a Microfold Brake to Make Copper Earrings
Mark Nelson shows how to make a pair of crimped copper earrings using colored pencils and a microfold brake to add a unique texture.
How To Make Mokume Gane Jewelry Using the Swanstrom Disc Cutter
Mark Nelson explains the origins of mokume gane, a mixed-metal laminate, and uses the Swanstrom disc cutter to make a variety of jewelry components.
How To Make a Mokume Gane Washer Ring
Mark Nelson makes a seamless washer ring using a silver and gold mokume gane sheet and the Swanstrom disc cutter.
How to Form a Bracelet From Sterling Silver Wire
Watch as Mark Nelson shows you how to turn simple silver wire into professional-looking silver bracelets using a mandrel, hammer and other metal forming tools in this video clip from Beads, Baubles & Jewels.
How To Use Cold Connections and Riveting in Jewelry
Cold connections and riveting are a great way to add texture and depth to your jewelry.
How To Make a Reticulated Silver Bolo Tie
Showing his Southwestern roots, Mark Nelson makes a bolo tie using reticulated silver colored with a homemade patina.
How to Make a Sterling Silver Squiggle Ring
One of our most popular videos! Learn how to make a free-form squiggle ring from sterling silver wire.
How to Make a Silver Tape Measure Bracelet
Mark Nelson is back, and he's found an old tape measure in the trash perfect for a new life in a handmade silver bracelet.

Showing 1-30 of 92 results

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