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Home > Remove metal clay, glass, enamels and resins > Remove enameling
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Home > Remove metal clay, glass, enamels and resins > Remove enameling
106 results | 4 pages
Features and Safety For Enameling/PMC Kilns
Watch all the features of our enameling kilns that allow you to fuse glass, fire bronze, copper and silver metal clay, PMC® and more.
How to use Colores Epoxy Resins
Colores epoxy resins are a great way to add color to your jewelry designs. Bruce Ogilvie demonstrates how to mix, use and clean up this fun product.
How to use Durenamel
An alternative to glass enamel, Durenamel gives you the ability to add color to nearly any material, including metals, wood, shells and much more!
Cloisonne Enamel Start to Finish with Ricky Frank
Follow along with Ricky Frank in this four-part demonstration video from Rio Grande. From preparing your metal to creating your wire shapes to applying the enamel to finishing, every step is covered in detail.
How To Magnify An Image Using Doming Resin
Mark Nelson uses Colores doming resin to seal a framed image in a necklace pendant, giving it a dramatic, magnified appearance.
Enameling Roller-Printed Metal, Part 1, with Ricky Frank
Enamel using several colors on roller-printed metal with renowned enamelist and teacher Ricky Frank to create a multi-color enameled piece.
Enameling Roller-Printed Metal, Part 2, with Ricky Frank
After enameling several colors on roller-printed metal, renowned enamelist and teacher Ricky Frank continues the project to apply stenciling on a multi-color enameled piece.
How to Program the Rio Grande Enameling Kiln
Watch this quick video when you need help programming your Rio Grande enameling kiln.
How to Make Resin Art Pendants
Mark Nelson shows how you can use Colores epoxy resin and any printed image to create custom "gemstones" and folk art for your jewelry.
How To Make Pendants Using Colored Resin Epoxy
Mark Nelson teaches you how to add color to nearly any jewelry piece using Colores resins and Acrylin jewelry paint.
How To Make Stained Glass With Colores Gemtone Resins
Mark Nelson demonstrates an easy technique for making a stain glass pendant using Colores colored jewelry resin.
Using Adhesive Techniques To Enamel On Deeply Fold-Formed Metal with Ricky Frank
Enamel on deeply fold-formed metal with renowned enamelist and teacher Ricky Frank to create an evenly coated piece.
Acrylin-500 Information Sheet
Learn about the features of Acrylin jewelry paint and how to use it.
Colores Bezel Necklace Project
Create your own brilliantly colorful resin cabochons and sink them in resin-filled bezel cups to produce this retro-style link necklace in this project from Rio Grande.
Colores Doming Resin Kit Instructions
These instructions teach you how to properly mix and use Colores doming resin for great results.
Complete Line and Instructions for Colores Durenamel Kits and Components
This handy guide has order numbers for all our Colores and Durenamel jewelry resins as well as tips and directions for their proper use.
Enamel Cabochons: Fun with Color and Light
Make your own "enamel cabochons" suitable for setting into bezels!...
Class Price : $345.00
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
Enameling Techniques Suitable for PMC
Courtesy of the PMC Guild archives and Karen Cohen's book, "The Art of Fine Enameling," this paper explains a variety of enameling techniques you can use in your PMC work.
How To
How To Choose the Optimal Firing Temperatures For Your Enamels
This simple table explains how to choose the appropriate temperature for the enamels you use.
Raindrop Clear Resin Kit Instructions
Follow these instructions to obtain excellent results using Raindrop® clear resin for jewelry findings.
Project Accessory "Asian Industrial Belt" Project, Week One
Check out our take on Project Accessory's Week One challenge in this doming resin belt project from Rio Grande.
Carnelian Mandala Sterling Silver and Resin Ring Project
A small mandala drawing, Argentium® Silver head pins and tiny carnelian cabochons are encased in Colores epoxy doming resin and topped with sterling silver beads in this ring project from Rio Grande.
Raindrop Doming Resin Sterling Silver Ring, Idea Project
A sterling silver bezel ring mounting is the perfect canvas for doming resin in this design idea from Rio Grande.
How To
Thick & Thin Hardeners
Learn which hardener to use for the jewelry component you are filling with Colores resin.
How To
Using Durenamel Successfully
Learn how to properly set Durenamel for a smooth, glass-like resin finish.
Schauer Opaque Enamels Black MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Schauer Opaque Enamels Brown MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Acrylin Jewelry Paint MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet

Showing 1-30 of 106 results

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