Studio Tour: Phil Scott

Phil Scott of the Jewelry Tech Team treats us a to a close-up tour of his works in progress and shop setup.

Last edited: 5/8/2020

Phil Scott’s studio offers a glimpse into the technological history of jewelry-making, from his battered bench pin to his laser welder. He’s been creating jewelry on the same bench for 45 years. Phil’s DIY customizations include holes to support his ring mandrel so he can “really whale on it,” as well as a wire rack for his pliers and cutters. An “amaaazing microscope” perches above the pavé-set watch case he’s working on. Stones slated for other projects wait nearby—a peridot for his granddaughter; a fiery opal cabochon. A knife-in-progress sits near a sharpener.

As his poodle calmly navigates among the other workstations, Phil gives every piece of equipment its due: his 48-year-old “beast” of a flex shaft, NSK micro-motor for pavé, kiln for enameling, Durston rolling mill, and…(drumroll) his new tabletop laser welder. Take a few minutes to geek out on equipment and drool over some stones.

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