How To Strengthen Soldered-On Ear Posts

Use this quick tip to ensure a long-lasting finish for your soldered-on ear posts.

Last edited: 7/18/2019

Have you had an ear post bend or break off as you put the ear nut on it? This tip is quick and simple, and to ensures a secure and long-lasting result for your soldered-on ear posts.


After soldering on the post, use any type of smooth-jaw pliers (we used flat-nose here) to grasp the post securely. It's important to grasp the post about halfway along its length, well past any notches the post may have.


Do NOT grip only the tip of the post in your pliers. If you twist from the tip, especially if the post is notched, you may easily break off the tip.


Holding the setting (or other finding) immobile with your fingers, gently give the post a twist. Release the setting after each turn and watch for movement when it's released. Twist slowly, with small turns, and continue until the setting tries to spring back into its previous position when you release it. It should take only a few turns to see the spring action.

The twisting action work-hardens the post so it doesn’t bend as easily AND it tests the solder joint to make sure the connection is secure (an incomplete connection will separate under the stress).