PMC Flex: Design at Your Own Pace

Read about PMC® Flex™ and learn what sets is apart from other PMC varieties.

Last edited: 8/16/2019
Pendant created by Yvonne M. Padilla on a bead chain
Pendant created by Yvonne M. Padilla; photo by Kayla Torres
PMC Flex silver clay


PMC® Flex is available in four package quantities whatever you need, you’re covered!

The luxury of time. The time to give your clay designs exactly the look you envision. The time to alter a shape, move a curve, realign a feature…wow, what would that be worth? PMC® Flex, the latest innovation in metal clay from Mitsubishi Materials gives you the luxury of time. Take your time as you work, roll, cut and shape this fine silver metal clay. The clay feels and behaves like other PMC varieties, it just lets you take advantage of a much longer working time—weeks, if need be!

As you work, the clay firms up somewhat but stays pliable enough to bend, twist and form—you can even join edges together using slip—for up to a month later. That firmness is another benefit because it allows you to form smooth, beautiful curves and contours that hold their shape. Although you won’t be able to ball the clay up and re-roll it, you will be able to do just about anything else to get your design exactly where you want it to be before you fire it.

If you decide that you need to start completely over, you’ll just need to rehydrate the Flex clay as you do any other PMC® clay, roll it smooth and begin again. Then, when you’re ready, fire the clay as usual to produce a pure fine-silver object.

Are you a teacher of PMC® techniques and design? PMC Flex silver clay is ideal for you to use in your classes—students have all the time they need to work the clay. And, if you’re new to using metal clay, you’ll revel in the luxury of having the time you want to experiment and practice the techniques you’re using to create your designs.

Need to sand or drill the clay? That’s easy! You can use one of the traditional drying methods for PMC® silver clay, a warming plate or blow-dryer, for example, on the clay for about 20 minutes. The Flex clay will dry to a stiffness that allows you to sand or drill it successfully. Truly the best of both worlds…flexibility early on (and throughout, if you like) and rigidity when you need it as the design comes together.

In addition to joining components using slip, you can also combine Flex with all other varieties of PMC® silver clay. Use the same tools you’d use for any of the other metal clays (just take care to clean tools thoroughly before using them with clay of a different metal type to avoid any risk of cross-contamination).

A finished necklace and brooch made with PMC
Left to right: Necklace created by Maria-Elena Baca; photo by Kayla Torres; Brooch designed and created by Patrik Kusek, photo courtesy of Metal Clay Notebook. Patrick used liver of sulfur to give this piece those glorious colors and finished the center medallion using Aura 22. (He says, “The water chemistry in my area is great for these colors. If your water does not produce these colors, you can add a teaspoon of household ammonia to the water to produce similar effects.”)

The characteristics of this innovative advance in PMC® silver clay open gorgeous horizons for design and creativity…I can’t wait to see the pieces that PMC Flex is going to inspire!