What Can You Do with a PulsePoint Laser Welder?

In this video, get a quick overview of the challenging tasks made simple—and fast—by a PulsePoint™ laser welding machine!

Last edited: 9/12/2019

This video provides a quick tour of challenging tasks that are made simple—and fast!—by the PulsePoint laser welding machines:

Repair fine gold link chain without disassembling it. Get a clean, finished, color-matched result.

Replace a broken prong on a platinum ring working right next to set gemstones...without removing and re-setting them.

Weld a new clasp onto a strand of pearls with no risk of damaging the pearls and no need to re-string.

Replace a post (or clip) on an inlaid silver earring. Inlaid stone contains adhesives and is often composed of soft stone such as shell or turquoise—an impossible situation for an open flame. With a laser, work close to materials that could never take the heat.

Repair costume jewelry that, without a laser, is often too risky to attempt at all. Older base metal pieces present special challenges that the laser is uniquely suited to meet.

Reverse casting defects such as minor cracking or porosity. No more scrapping and re-casting for small defects.

Weld inside bezel or tube ends on a chain because it's faster and easier to do before you set your stone.

Repair a worn or broken lug on a gold-filled watch without needing to re-plate and re-finish the entire watch case.

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