NeuSprue® Wax Sprues Assembly

See how to use the NeuSprue® base assembly and was sprues to help eliminate most casting defects.

Last edited: 6/18/2021

NeuSprue® wax sprues and base assemblies streamline the metal pour and deliver improved casting results. The two-piece base assembly screws together, eliminating floating trees and preventing trapped air between the sprue and base. it also provides easy removal after investing and protects the integrity of the wax tree and patterns. Use the base assembly and Neuprues with the NeuSprue® universal tree fixture to make your treeing easier.

A tapered, built-in button on all NeuSprue® wax sprues reduces the metal needed, allowing you to control the amount of metal in process. It also ensures a quick fill and reduces turbulence during filling. The specially shaped tip helps reduce turbulence and prevents the molten metal from splashing.

Bookmark this handy page for reference and quick access the next time you need a new base assembly or to replenish your stock of NeuSprue® wax sprues.

NeuSprue Wax Sprue and Base Assembly
Description Pkg Qty Item Number
NeuSprue® Sprue Base Assembly
2-1/2" dia. 1 710907
3-1/2" dia. 1 710910
4" dia. 1 710911
NeuSprue® Flowlogic® Sprue Base
3" dia. 1 710740
3-1/2" dia. 1 710741
4" dia. 1 710742
5" dia. 1 710743
6" dia. 1 710744
3"L (fits 4"L flask) 30 71089630
3"L (fits 4"Lflask) 120 710896
4"L (fits 5"L flask) 30 71089730
4"L (fits 5"L flask) 120 710897
5"L (fits 6"L flask) 30 71089830
5"L (fits 6"L flask) 120 710898
6"L (fits 7"L flask) 30 71089930
6"L (fits 7"L flask) 120 710899
7"L (fits 8"L flask) 30 71090030
7"L (fits 8"L flask) 120 710900
8"L (fits 9"L flask) 30 71090130
8"L (fits 9"L flask) 120 710901
Slim NeuSprue®
3"L (fits 4"L flask) 30 71098030
3"L (fits 4"L flask) 120 710980
4"L (fits 5"L flask) 30 71098130
4"L (fits 5"L flask) 120 710981
5"L (fits 6"L flask) 30 71098230
5"L (fits 6"L flask) 120 710982
6"L (fits 7"L flask) 30 71098330
6"L (fits 7"L flask) 120 710983
8"L (fits 9"L flask) 30 71098530
8"L (fits 9"L flask) 120 710985