How To Use Midas Stainless Steel Activator

Learn the temperatures, voltage and plating time to successfully use Midas® stainless steel activator plating solution.

Last edited: 11/13/2018

Stainless steel has a passive oxide on its surface to which most plating will not adhere. Midas® Stainless Steel Activator deposits a thin adherent layer of nickel onto stainless steel over which you can successfully plate most other metals.

Workpiece Preparation:

 Electroclean, water rinse and dip in a 20% hydrochloric acid dip (20% hydrochloric acid to 80% distilled water) for 30 seconds to one minute. Proceed immediately into the Stainless Steel Activator bath without rinsing.

Hydrochloric (muriatic) acid is available at most hardware stores. Remember to always add acid to water—never water to acid.

Solution Preparation: Midas® Stainless Steel Activator is provided as a full-strength, ready-to-use solution.

1. Thoroughly clean your workpiece with electrocleaner and an acid dip before immersing it into plating solution.

2.  Pour amount needed into Pyrex® beaker.

3.  If undissolved salts are apparent, warm the solution and stir.

4.  Allow to cool and use solution at room temperature.

5.  Attach a pure nickel anode to the positive (+) lead and immerse in solution.

6.  Turn on rectifier and operate at 3 to 5 volts.

7.  Attach handling wire to the negative (–) lead, immerse workpiece and agitate. Watch for gassing. Gassing indicates proper performance of this solution.

8.  Time in solution: 1 to 4 minutes or until desired coverage is achieved. Avoid excess time.

9.  Water rinse, acid dip and water rinse again.

10.  When plating job is completed, solution in beaker can be returned to storage bottle if it has not been contaminated.