Midas Six Station Plating System with 5 Amp Rectifier Overview

In this quick video, get an overview of the Midas six station plating system with 5 amp rectifier.

Last edited: 11/13/2018

This Midas® stainless steel bath-plating unit is an ideal system for electro-plating and electro-forming processes. Designed to hold six 1-liter (1,000ml) beakers (included), this system can be set up for for electrocleaning, acid dip and plating with three stations for distilled-water rinsing between each step.

The unit comes with a thermometer. The beaker holding area is sealed to protect the interior of the machine. The two third-hand base attachments will hold the workpiece or a thermometer. The unit features:
• controllable heat (ranging from room temperature to 212ºF)
• controllable agitation with magnetic stirrers on station one and station five
• a stainless steel lid is provided to keep dust and dirt out of the solution in the beakers
• a plug-in jack for rectifiers, with two positive leads for anodes are built in
• includes a 5-amp rectifier

A plating station without a rectifier is also available.

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