How To Use Midas Black Ruthenium Bath Plating Solution

Learn the temperatures, voltage and plating time to successfully use Midas® ruthenium plating solution.

Last edited: 11/9/2018

Midas® ruthenium may be plated directly over gold, platinum, silver or freshly plated nickel.

Solution Preparation:
Midas® ruthenium plating solution comes full-strength and ready to use. Use with a platinized titanium anode.

1.  Thoroughly clean your workpiece with electrocleaner and an acid dip before immersing it into plating solution.

2.  Pour solution into Pyrex® beaker.

3.  Heat solution to 140°F–150°F.

4.  Attach a platinized titanium anode to the positive (+) lead and immerse in solution.

5.  Set rectifier at 3 volts; range 2–4 volts.

6.  Attach workpiece to the negative (-) lead and immerse and agitate mildly.

7.  Time in solution is about 1 minute.

8.  Rinse well and dry.

9.  When the plating job is completed, solution in the beaker can be returned to storage bottle.