How To Use Midas Bright Nickel Bath Plating Solution

Learn the temperatures, voltage and plating time to successfully use Midas® bright nickel plating solution.

Last edited: 11/13/2018

Midas® Bright Nickel is commonly used as a pre-plate before final finishes such as rhodium or gold. Nickel also prevents discoloration caused by migration of copper and is therefore often used as a pre-plate when gold-plating sterling or copper articles. Use only a pure nickel anode because any impurities will ruin the appearance of the plate.

A copper strike normally precedes the nickel plate to prepare steel, tin or lead alloys and zinc alloys.

Solution Preparation:
Midas® Bright Nickel Solution is provided as a full-strength, ready-to-use solution.

1. Pour amount needed into a Pyrex beaker.

2. Thoroughly clean your workpiece with electrocleaner and an acid dip before immersing it into plating solution.

3. Heat solution to 140°F–150°F. Do not overheat.

4. Attach a pure nickel anode to the positive (+) lead and immerse in solution.

5. Turn on the rectifier and operate at 2 to 4 volts.

6. Attach handling wire to the negative (–) lead, immerse workpiece and agitate.

7. Time in solution: 1 to 5 minutes or until desired coverage is achieved.

8. Water rinse, acid dip and water rinse again.

9. When the plating job is completed, the solution in the beaker can be returned to the storage bottle if it has not been contaminated.