Learn How To Properly Insert the Spring Into Your Lindstrom BioSpring Tool Handle

The trick is in the 'click'; see how to properly install your replacement spring into your Lindstrom BioSpring pliers and cutters.

Last edited: 9/25/2018

The trick is in the 'click'; follow the instructions below to properly install (or replace) the spring in your Lindstrom BioSpring pliers and cutters.

1. Spread the handles of your pliers or cutters so that they are wide open. Place notched end of the spring near the receiver slot in the handle.



2. Push the wide end of the spring into the receiver slot until you hear an audible “click.”


3. The wide end is now seated correctly.



4. Then simply insert small, knob end of the spring into the opposite handle, selecting any of the three settings to achieve the desired tension. Your spring is now installed properly and the pliers are ready for use.



In 99% of cases, if your spring pops out when you close the tool handles, the spring has not been properly inserted. In 1% of cases, the cause may be one of the following three issues:

1. Repeated removing and re-installing the spring can fatigue the hinge end of the spring.

2. The tool was stored with jaws closed (in a pouch or using the tubing in which it was shipped), and the spring's curvature has become fatigued and will not work properly (tools should always be stored with handles open or with the spring disengaged from the tool at the no-hinged end and laid alongside the handle).

3.The spring itself is misaligned at the shank or twisted. This is indicative of a defect that is covered under warranty.