How To Use Laser-Weight Wire

Knowing how to use laser-weight wire helps you complete your laser-welding tasks more professionally and with dependably good results.

Last edited: 11/8/2018

Laser-weight wire, ideal for laser-welding applications, is 30- to 34-gauge fine wire. This wire is available in platinum, gold, Argentium® Silver and titanium and steel. The wire is coiled onto easy-to-use protective spools. It cannot be sold in custom lengths; all varieties are sold by weight.

Platinum wire, 34-gauge, is 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium. It is an ideal color- and quality-match for your platinum designs.

Gold laser-weight wire, 34-gauge, is available in both yellow and nickel-free white in 18-karat, 14-karat and 10-karat varieties. This fine wire is perfect for soldering on gold designs.

Argentium Sterling laser-weight wire, 30-gauge, is made with 930 sterling. Because it is Argentium, it is the best possible choice for your Argentium designs; it will resist tarnish just like Argentium sheet and wire.

Titanium laser-weight wire, 30-gauge, is ideal for use with titanium designs and for repairing titanium eye-glasses. Because titanium cannot be torch-welded, laser-welding and pulse-arc welding are the only options for this work.

Stainless steel laser-weight wire, 32-gauge, is an excellent choice for laser-welding applications that involve steel chain, findings and custom designs.

Laser-weight solder is available in silver. This solder is 80% cadmium-free silver and is extra-hard, ideal for your laser-welding applications. Use this fine solder on your most demanding design work.