Gold Karating Made Easy

Bookmark these charts to help you create the karat value you want. Reference reducing and raising factors and access formulas to calculate your karat weights.

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Karating Made Easy

Create the karat value you want using the tables below. For a new alloy, begin with 24-karat (pure gold) and reduce to the karat value you need. If you have a lower-karat alloy already on hand, use the appropriate table to either raise or lower its karat value to meet your needs.

Reducing Factors
  Desired Karat Value
Starting Karat Value 22K 18K 14K 10K
24K .091 .333 .714 1.40
22K .222 .571 1.20
18K .286 .800
14K .400
Raising Factors
  Desired Karat Value
Starting Karat Value 10K 14K 18K 22K
0K .714 1.40 3.00 11.0
8K .143 .600 1.667 7.00
10K .400 1.33 6.00
14K .667 4.00
18K 3.00

To calculate your karat weights, multiply the pennyweight of the gold you're working with by the factor (from the tables above) for the karat you want to create. See examples below.

To make 14K alloy from 8 dwt. of 24K: 8 × .714 = 5.71 dwt. of alloy.

To make 18K alloy from 15 dwt. of 14K: 15 × .667 = 10 dwt. of 24K.