Covered with Color: Kliar E-Coating

Learn tips for adding vivid, durable color to your jewelry, including a masking technique for multi-tone designs.

Last edited: 10/30/2019

Have you been looking for a way to bring vivid, durable color to your jewelry pieces? Check out the Kliar E-Coating system. Kliar E-Coating is a type of nano-ceramic electro-coating that is abrasive-resistant and hypoallergenic. There are 18 colors to choose from, and you can mix them to create your very own color palette. E-Coating also allows you to create multi-tone pieces.


In the photo on the left, we have created a tri-tone piece using Kliar E-Coating and Argentium® silver. Along with the E-Coating system, you will need a masking material to prevent the E-Coating from adhering to the entire piece. The photo above, on the right, demonstrates the use of nail polish to mask the surface of the top component and prevent it from being conductive. Masking allows you to coat individual segments in different colors.

The non-coated surfaces will accept the E-Coating, and once they’re cured in the oven, you can use a non-acetone nail polish remover to wipe off the nail polish, exposing the uncoated metal’s surface. You can also re-mask an area with nail polish to create pieces with multi tones, or leave the base metal exposed. You may also coat any metallic surface, such as the Argentium® seen here with the transparent E-Coating, which will provide a tarnish-resistant surface to keep the silver shining.

Give E-Coating a try, and discover colorful new design possibilities!