How to Make an Ear Wire

Learn how to make your own ear wires, fast and easy!

Last edited: 10/24/2019

Using wire, some pliers, and these few steps, you can quickly make ear wires with a loop for your earring designs!

1. Use super-flush cutters to cut a piece of wire 3" long.


2. Bend the wire in half and pinch it together so the two sides of wire are touching.


3. Curl the bent end into a “U” shape with round-nose pliers.


4. If one leg of the wire is longer than the other, clip it to make them even. Position the largest part of the round-nose pliers in the center of the legs of wire. Bend the wire of each leg into a wide “U” shape. Bend the end tips of the wire slightly.


5. Clip apart the two legs of wire at the bend that was made in Step 2. You now have two identical ear wires.


6.Using a cup bur or wire rounder, smooth the long end of the cut wire.