How To Choose the Right Soldering Torch for Jewelry Making

Mark Nelson offers tips for choosing the right torch for your jewelry-making jobs in this comparison video.

Last edited: 10/29/2020

In this video on soldering, Mark Nelson explains how to select the right torch for the jewelry-making jobs you want to accomplish. Learn to evaluate the jobs you need to do with a focus on what kinds of torches can accomplish those jobs. In addition, you'll look at the area in which you work to consider what types of fuel are best suited to that space. You'll also learn to consider the versatility and power offered by various torch types. Mark discusses uses, benefits, drawbacks and accessories available for each of several torches.

In this video, Mark compares the following torches:

Blazer Butane Torch

Large Butane Torch

Smith Little Torch

Smith Silvermith Torch

MECO Midget Torch

Swiss Torch

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