Have You Seen the RazzaWeld® Hand-Held Fusion Welder? (Spoiler Alert: You're Gonna Love It!)

Read about the RazzaWeld hand-held fusion welder and what it can do.

Last edited: 11/19/2019

RazzaWeld hand-held fusion welder
The RazzaWeld® securely welds in seconds! Pull back the knob, press the charge button and pull the trigger…POW…A perfect weld!

Imagine welding a post to dozens of your post earring designs in mere minutes. Imagine making instant repairs to tie-tacs, post earrings, scatter pins and more in seconds. Your production efficiency—and customer satisfaction—just went through the roof! The new hand-held RazzaWeld® fusion welding tool does just that for you! Affordable, effective, easy to use, and portable…it doesn't get any better than this!

The convenient–and portable–RazzaWeld® hand-held fusion welder holds ear posts, tie tacs, lapel pins or any pin findings measuring .027″–.045″ in diameter. The RazzaWeld is easy to use and very safe—no special know-how or training is needed for you to be fusion-welding like a pro. The RazzaWeld is ideal for shops that do a great deal of minor repairs, attaching ear and pin posts, and the like. The completed weld is fast, clean and secure. Think about how often you are asked to perform a simple repair or simply need to attach a post to complete a jewelry piece—the RazzaWeld features fast, effective performance and a start-up cost that's far below any comparable welding/soldering alternative—it can pay for itself in a remarkably short time.

See the RazzaWeld® in action in the following video!

The design of the RazzaWeld® tool gives you vastly increased maneuverability in accessing the jewelry items you need to weld onto; its long (40″) leads allow you to move freely to and fro, taking the welder to the work rather than trying to fit the work into a welding machine. And it's easily portable, too! The system comes nestled in die cut foam packaging that lets you pack it up and go—take the system with you just about anywhere you can find a power outlet; plug in and you're ready to go.

The RazzaWeld in its box
Sturdily packed, easy to unpack and repack, the RazzaWeld® is ideal for on-the-go work.

The gun-style applicator is self-contained, providing built-in positive and negative leads that complete the circuit (and provide the "POW") when the welder is discharged. A power source and one ear post collet complete the system. Every RazzaWeld® tool is tested right before it goes in the box. See the little clear zip-close bag in the upper left of the box shown below? That's a pair of scatter pins (American flag pins because this innovative tool is proudly made in the U.S.A.) with posts welded on using your RazzaWeld right before it is sealed and shipped to you. They are both a gift and proof positive of the quality weld your RazzaWeld delivers.

The RazzaWeld® accepts the same collets used by the Sparkie® fusion welder, as well as any fusion finding that works with those collets. Effective for use on precious metals as well as base metals (including gold, silver, copper, brass, titanium and stainless steel), the RazzaWeld tool welds beautifully onto material as thin as .007″ (32 ga.). Add the innovative, fun-to-use RazzaWeld fusion-welding system to your holiday wish list–and let us know what you think of this handy tool once you've had the chance to use it.

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