Have You Heard? WHITE COPPRclay™ is Here!

Read about WHITE COPPRclay™ and how you can combine it with original COPPRclay™ to create two-toned jewelry.

Last edited: 10/25/2019

Have you heard?! WHITE COPPRclay is here! I am beyond excited with excitement! I mean WHITE copper? Are you kidding me? Wait, copper isn't white, so just what is White COPPRclay? Developed by Bill Struve at Metal Adventures, this clay is made mostly of copper particles, but has a dash of nickel mixed in to give it a gorgeous silvery-gray color. Like the other clays from Metal Adventures, the metal particles are held together with binder and water, giving the metal clay a silky workability.

Out of the package, WHITE COPPRclay looks and feels very similar to original COPPRclay. It rolls, stamps, carves and sculpts the same way the other clays do. The raw, unfired clay has a brownish-coppery color to it, so the white doesn’t appear until after firing. But when it does, whoa! It’s awesome! The soft, gray color is absolutely stunning. And just like the other metal clays, after firing it’s solid METAL—not a pure metal, though, this clay becomes a metal alloy of copper and nickel. And the fired piece can be finished, hammered, soldered and oxidized just like any other metal.

Two-tone COPPRclay applique earrings
Two-tone applique earrings by Yvonne M. Padilla

For me, the most exciting feature of WHITE COPPRclay is that I can combine it with the original COPPRclay. This allows me—and you—to create some really cool two-toned effects in jewelry designs. There are several different ways to combine the clays. For crisp lines, layer the various clays on top of a base to create an appliqué effect, like I did with the earrings above. To create a mokume gane look, layer the clays first, roll the layers up and extrude them from a clay extruder. The extruded cane can then be sliced and arranged into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind patterns. For a subtler look, take the two types of copper and knead them together to create a marble-like effect. This produces a marbled patterning that gives the fired clay a light copper tone.

WHITE COPPRclay designs showing a variety of finishing options
WHITE COPPRclay designs showing a variety of finishing options.

Firing WHITE COPPRclay is done with a kiln and is completed in two stages. The first stage is a low fire of 600°F to burn out the binder. The second stage is much like the process for firing BRONZclay, requiring the pieces to be fired in a covered stainless steel pan surrounded by activated carbon at 1850°F for two hours.

100g package of WHITE COPPRclay
WHITE COPPRclay is available in 30, 100 or 200-gram packages.

I am completely jazzed over this metal clay and I know you will to be, too!