Guide To Jewelry Chain

Learn all about the types, styles and sizes of chain in our comprehensive reference guide to help you select, buy and design with chain like a pro.

Last edited: 12/19/2019
If you’re making necklaces, bracelets, anklets—even earrings—with chain, you know how crucial it is to have a variety of styles in stock. Chain is such a bread-n-butter staple that it can surprise you how many things there are to consider when selecting and buying chain. This buyer's guide offers a quick reference to the many styles, sizes and types of chain available.
Use this guide to:
• Familiarize yourself with chain styles so you can choose a chain that a) complements your piece, and b) supports its weight appropriately.
• Plan the length you'll need to ensure your designs present that way you want them to.
• Understanding of the characteristics of the metal types you working with.
• Buy in the units most advantageous to your work—finished lengths, pre-cut unfinished lengths or bulk spools.