Foredom EM-1 Manual Dial Speed Control Overview

In this quick video, get an overview of the Foredom EM-1 manual dial speed control.

Last edited: 7/23/2019
Made by Foredom® for use with Foredom flex shaft motors, this tabletop speed control allows you to set your desired speed (from low to full) on the control dial and maintain a constant, ideal rpm in your flex shaft handpiece for whatever work you're doing. The electronics are housed in a durable, heavy-duty plastic casing with input and output power cords and a power indicator light. The output cord is specially designed for the shielded plug on the motor. The controller features a conveniently generous cord length with a 15" female output cord and a 6-foot input cord. This model (EM-1) is recommended for use with model CC, S and SR (1/6 and 1/8hp) motors, for model H and R motors, and for PowerGraver™.

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