Packaging Tips: Five Practical and Creative Ideas to Wrap Your Jewelry Beautifully!

Explore five ideas for packaging your jewelry that customers are sure to leave lasting impressions.

Last edited: 4/29/2019

Packaging is a big deal. Your customers are busy; their hearts smile when their gift is professionally wrapped upon purchase and ready to hand over with a relaxed demeanor. If you have a packaging plan and plenty of supplies on hand, you'll easily maintain an orderly packaging operation for your jewelry. Here are some creative and practical ideas that'll leave a lasting impression.

1. Find Inspiration

When you buy jewelry, it's usually either a gift for someone special or a gift for yourself. Either way, it is special and should be presented as such. It's nice to add a personal touch to the packaging. For instance, if your customer is purchasing a necklace for a special someone, you can ask them about the recipient's tastes—their favorite pattern, color, or theme—and dress the package up accordingly.

Earth-toned packaging
This earth-tone packaging would be a lovely way to wrap a gift for a lover of the outdoors!

2. Play Dress-Up

Create visual interest by playing with patterned tissue paper and solid-color totes. Try mixing prints or pairing neutral and vivid colors together. Rather than using the typical white insert with a neutral box, a bold black insert really makes a silver necklace POP, particularly in a kraft box. You can also buy box inserts separately, so they can be switched out with other styles of boxes.

LPurple shopping tote and brown gift boxes, one holding a necklace
Left to right: Love and sentiments display idea; A bold black box insert lends drama to your presentation!

3. Personalize It

Customers are more likely to choose brands they are familiar with—and the best way to accomplish familiarity is to have a clearly identifiable logo. Our Impressions hot-foil stamping service is a great way to reinforce your brand. Keeping your logo, colors and schemes consistent, with a little play, will help people recognize your brand and be drawn to your brand's personality.


4. Organize Your Packaging Supplies

Becca Feeken of the blog Amazing Paper Grace keeps her ribbons organized by color.

Do you have a system for wrapping up your sales? Just like you would organize your bedroom closet so you can easily mix and match and accessorize, you'll want to do the same for your packaging supplies. Try organizing boxes, totes and pouches by size, theme and color. Keep gift box inserts near their matching boxes. Organize your boxes so that you can see what you have and always find what you need.

Ribbons by color

5. Round Out Your Inventory

Have a steady supply of packaging supplies on hand for any time of the year. If your supplies are organized, you'll always know when it's time to re-order your most popular packaging items.