How To Use Firescoff Ceramic Flux

This revolutionary spray-on ceramic coating provides ultra-consistent solder flow and unbeatable protection against firescale.

Last edited: 10/31/2018

Firescoff is a revolutionary spray-on ceramic coating that provides ultra-consistent solder flow and unbeatable protection against firescale. In addition to protecting gemstones and metals, Firescoff preserves the original polish, color and patina of precious metals. It is completely water soluble, and eliminates the need for acid-based pickle solutions—making it safer, faster and more cost-effective for all your soldering tasks. Firescoff® RH also offers additional protection for temperature-sensitive metals such as rhodium-plated white gold, gold-filled and silver.

Gently heat jewelry to around 250°F (120°C). Gauge the temperature by placing a drop of water on the metal surface. Apply heat until the water boils off completely, then apply Firescoff.

Spray Firescoff so that a fine mist covers the entire piece. When applied correctly, Firescoff will form a uniform white powder coating on contact. For faster solder flow, apply more Firescoff.

Gently reheat coated jewelry. Apply more Firescoff if any reflection from the metal or any gemstones is visible. Firescoff ceramic flux is also a firecoat. Protect metal and gemstones better than you can with boric acid and alcohol.

Because Firescoff is also a flux, no other paste or liquid flux is required. When using paste solder, apply paste solder first, then apply Firescoff.

Easily remove the Firescoff coating after soldering using just warm water or an ultrasonic bath. No acid pickle is required. Firescoff is ideal for protecting the patina and color of rose gold during manufacturing and repairs.

At low temperatures, ceramic crystals may form at the bottom of the bottle. This may temporarily interfere with pump/spray performance. To convert these crystals back into solution, place the entire bottle in hot water or a heated ultrasonic bath for 5-10 minutes.

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