How To Use and Care For the Durston Heavy-duty Guillotine Shear

Understand how to use and care for your Durston 12" bench shear to get the best results.

Last edited: 10/31/2018

Taking proper care of your tools will help ensure they have a long working life. Read on to learn about how to use and care for your Durston 12” bench shear to get the best results and years of service from this quality tool.

Remove all packing materials and lift the shear from shipping container. Place the shear on a secure and non-movable bench or substantially built stand and bolt it in place.

Select the materials you want to cut. DO NOT attempt to cut stainless steel, heat-treated or hardened materials. The maximum thickness capacity is 12 gauge in mild steel.

Fit the length stop bar to rear of machine by inserting the stop bar assembly into the 25mm diameter hole in top blade support block. Push the stop against the top blade. Align the edge of the knurled circular block with the zero on the scale that is attached to the 25mm diameter bar and tighten the 12mm locking screw onto the assembly (the locking screw is in the top of top blade block).

Set the backstop at the rear of machine for desired length to be cut.

Open the blades fully. Push material against the stop bar. It may be necessary to clamp material to the table with C-clamp or vice-grip clamp.

Remember that the blades are sharp. Do not lower the top blade with fingers near the blades.

Observe safety precautions at all times. Keep the machine clean and the bolts tight. Do NOT attempt to clean any part of the machine while lowering the top blade. Wear safety glasses and protective clothing when operating this equipment. Tie back long hair and secure any clothing.

Never cut materials when blades have lost their sharp edge. Regularly sharpen the blades or replace them (see blade replacement instructions).

NEVER cut rusted materials or greasy/oily materials. Lubricate the sliding faces (two at each end in support castings) using a medium oil and then wipe off the excess oil.