Display & Packaging Checklist: Tips & Tricks to Take You Through the Holiday Shopping Season!

Read this checklist of display and packaging details to get the most from your displays and showcase your finished jewelry in its best possible light.

Last edited: 10/25/2019
A variety of display and packaging

Making sure you are prepared for the holiday shopping season takes some assessment and house cleaning to position your beautiful line of jewelry in the best possible light (no pun intended). To help you get the most from your displays, we’re sharing a helpful checklist of display and packaging details.

The Basics: Cleaning and Inspecting

Is Your Jewelry Visible and Harmoniously Arranged?

  • Is everything positioned where your customer can easily see it? If it’s too low or too high, or if it’s competing with too many other visual elements, then your customer isn’t going to see it.
  • Are any of your jewelry pieces being blocked by other displays or pieces in a significant way?
  • Is there too much or not enough empty space in your display? If there’s not enough, then you may have created a cluttered visual landscape that competes with what you really want to emphasize—your beautiful work!
  • Is the color scheme of your display complementing your work and providing enough contrast to make it really shine? Or is your color scheme too busy, distracting, or dull? You want your jewelry to pop and take center stage!
  • Does your lighting bring out the luster and sparkle in your jewelry? Check to see if your diamonds are hiding in the shadows.
  • Can you use a street-side window to your advantage, to create a Macy’s-like dramatic holiday window display? Or, perhaps you can use multiple mirrors throughout the display—or even as backdrops—they multiply your light and create a luxurious mood.
Send your customers off with exquisite packaging that does justice to your designs. Clockwise from top left: red organza mini tote, ribbon-wrapped faux linen ring box, Satin-Weave nylon burgundy pouch, patterned tissue paper assortment, and natural linen ring box.

Are Your Pieces Organized?

  • Collections create a punch when they’re positioned as a group. Your customers can see what the ensemble might look like on themselves when you group jewelry together in the case. Consider, too, that your customer may love the style of five similar pieces but may not be able to afford them all. If the earrings are nearby and cost a little less, you increase your odds of getting a sale. Positioning will have paid off.
  • Organize your pieces by collection to enhance the visual impact. Think of the familiar image of a field of poppies, versus one in your hand. A related group pops and leaves a lasting impression!
  • Are you using organized chaos to your advantage? Some displays might be as simple as bangles in a basket. In this case, use the allure of the hunt to draw people in. Allow customers to search through piles of easy-to-handle, hard-to-damage jewelry, plucking their favorites and creating their own collection. There’s great psychological satisfaction to finally finding the right one and to selecting your favorites from among the many.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Jewelry?

The details really do tell your customer how much you care. If you’re going through this checklist and are not sure if you’ve nailed it, get the opinion of someone you trust! A friend will often see a detail you don’t, from the dirt on last year’s ring display, to the way your earrings are blocking your necklaces. Also, this list is by no means exhaustive, and rules are made to be broken. And for any last-minute boxes, pouches, tissue, mirrors or other items, think Rio Grande first for in-stock-now and ready-to-ship!