How to Create Tube Settings

You can use heavy-wall tubing to create tube settings quickly and conveniently for a wide variety of round gemstones.

Last edited: 8/24/2021

Heavy-wall tubing is ideal for effectively creating custom tube settings, and the settings are easy to close, too, using stone-setting tool sets. Learn how to create simple tube settings for round gemstones in this quick tutorial.

Carefully measure your gemstone. Choose heavy-wall tubing with an outside diameter about .5mm larger than your stone. Note that the inside diameter of the tubing must be smaller than the stone you are using.

Cut a length of tubing long enough to contain the depth of the stone. File the cut edges of the tubing so they are smooth. Shape the bottom edge as needed to be in contact with your design all the way around the edge. Then solder the setting in place on your design.

Select a hart or setting bur the same size as (or slightly smaller than) the stone and cut a level seat into the tubing just deep enough to hold the stone.



Set the stone into the seat, leaving a short rim of metal above the stone. Secure the stone by burnishing the metal in a circular motion with a highly polished punch.