How to Calculate NeuSprue Button Size To Reduce Metal Loss

Easily calculate the amount of metal needed when you cast with NeuSprue.

Last edited: 9/7/2018

When you cast with NeuSprue™, knowing how to calculate the precise amount of metal you will need for your sprue button will help minimize metal loss and use your precious metals more effectively.

The button portion of the NeuSprue has been economically designed to conserve metal usage while still supplying a needed reservoir of metal for the solidification process.

Because the NeuSprue wax button is hollow, the cast button will only be 1/3 full of metal.

To control the size of the button after casting, take the overall weight of your NeuSprue wax tree and subtract 4.7 grams (this will cast the tree without a button).

Then, simply add back the wax gram weight, up to 7.6 grams, that you want your final button to be. The full 7.6 grams will result in a full button after casting.

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