Breaking In Your Diamond Saw Blade

Learn how to condition you saw blade to ensure long life and efficient use.

Last edited: 11/8/2019

One key to ensuring a long life and ease of use for diamond saw blades is knowing how to properly prepare them for use.

First, make several cuts through a soft abrasive material, such as a common red brick.

To start a saw cut on lapidary material, run the saw blade at operating speed and slowly feed your stone into the spinning blade. Watch the initial cut to ensure a straight feed. If the cut isn’t straight, the blade will deflect at the point of contact, producing an uneven cut.

As soon as you notice the blade deflecting, stop the saw, shift the stone slightly and start the process again. If you don’t correct the process immediately and continue to cut, the blade will be dished by the time you finish the cut. If this happens, the blade will require repair or replacement. 

In addition to diamond saw blades, Rio Grande offers a variety of lapidary equipment and supplies for jewelers and stone cutters. 

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