Brilliant Customer-Designed Tool: Rotating Bracelet Mandrel Holder

Read about a bay area jeweler who designed a tool to make it bracelet-forming more efficient.

Last edited: 8/30/2019
bracelet mandrel holder
Once mounted on your bench, this tool allows the mandrel to be rotated by hand

We get ideas for new products in all kinds of ways: From conversations with our customers and suppliers, by visiting trade shows, and by listening to recommendations from our in-house jewelers.

We were hearing from all of the above sources that we needed a better tool to hold onto bracelet mandrels with tangs. Fortunately, we weren't the only ones who saw the need. At the same time that we were out looking for such a tool, a Bay Area jeweler was busy inventing one: A rotating bracelet mandrel holder.

David designed the tool so that a bracelet mandrel can be mounted to the front of a bench. The mounted mandrel can be rotated by hand, allowing a jeweler to hammer from a comfortable, straight-on position around the full circumference of their piece.

Here's a video of David Sobel, the inventor of the Rotating Bracelet Mandrel Holder showing it in action. Enjoy!