How to Use the Bonny Doon Hydraulic Press Deep-Draw Kit with Phil Poirier

In this video, Bonny Doon owner and innovator Phil Poirier demonstrates the 6" deep-draw kit.

Last edited: 4/7/2020
Bonny Doon owner and innovator Phil Poirier introduces and demonstrates the 6" deep-draw kit for your Bonny Doon press. After going over all the component parts of the kit, Phil then shows you how to attach and use the deep-draw kit to create incredible jewelry and hollowware pieces. This kit, made of hardened tool steel, gives you a jump start on almost any hollowware or vessel design. Each Bonny Doon hydraulic press is built for jewelry makers, metalsmiths and artists; learn more about these presses and why they're the safest press on the market.