For the Blackest Black: Kliar E-Coating Extreme Black

With Kliar Extreme Black E-Coating you can achieve a jet-black finish on your jewelry pieces. Read more about this polyurethane-based e-coating.

Last edited: 10/28/2019

Kliar BX1 E-Coating, Extreme Black makes it easy for you to achieve a really dark, jet-black finish on your jewelry pieces. Before Kliar developed this Extreme Black color, it was necessary to pre-plate pieces with Midas Black Rhodium in order to produce a very dark black finish, but Extreme Black gives every piece a solid black finish without this extra rhodium plating step.

Two lace=pattern cuffs
These bronze and silver-plated bronze lace-pattern bracelets are ready to get coated with Kliar Extreme Black.

Kliar nano ceramic e-coatings were all, prior to Extreme Black, translucent and reflected the color of the base substrate or the base metal being coated. A great example of this is Kliar Black, or as we've called it, The Little Black Dress of Jewelry. Kliar Black gives you a gunmetal or black rhodium color finish when placed on polished silver. Kliar Extreme Black, however, gives jewelers a finish that is darker, deep, shiny black color on silver, brass, bronze, copper—you name it!

The two black cuffs
The bracelets shown above are transformed after being e-coated with Kliar Extreme Black!

If you’re after a deep, shiny completely black finish, this coating is absolutely a must-have!

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