How To Use Midas Black Max

Learn to apply a black base to silver oxidation or create an antique look on gold using Midas Black Max.

Last edited: 8/31/2018

Black Max provides an attractive flat, velvety black finish on silver. By using a mild steel applicator, Black Max provides a soft grey finish on gold.

Clean silver or gold parts thoroughly by ultrasonically cleaning or electrocleaning. Rinse well.

For silver, immerse in or apply Black Max with a cloth or applicator until the desired finish is obtained (20 – 30 seconds is the norm).

For gold, use a mild steel applicator (non-stainless) such as a steel brush. Apply Black Max with several passes. Oxidation will be concentrated where the steel and gold are in contact.

Highlight raised areas with a polishing cloth or buff.


Safety Precautions

Contains tellurium compounds and hydrochloric acid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not inhale. For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. Please read MSDS.

EYE CONTACT: Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes, holding eyelids open.
SKIN CONTACT: Wash area thoroughly with soap and water.
INHALATION: Remove victim to fresh air until breathing is restored.
INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Do not give emetics. Seek medical attention.

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