B9 Core Series 3D Printer Introduction Video

In this video you'll see an introduction and brief overview for the B9 Core Series 3D Printers.

Last edited: 7/17/2020

This introductory video gives a brief overview of the B9 Core Series 3D Printers, from B9Creations. Learn about this printing system's speed, dependability, ease of use, precision and affordability. Doug Napier talks about 3D printers and his success using this B9 system. He discusses the important factors to be considered when choosing a 3D printing system—ease of use, quick learning curve, speed of production, reliability. He also talks about the superior quality resins used with the B9 system. You're also given information about the system's easy-to-use interface, optimized build speeds, high resolution with smooth surface finishes, and high production capacity.

 Learn more about how the B9 can move your business forward and request a free B9 printed sample so you can see the difference for yourself. 

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