A Kiln of a Different Color

Read how a tweet from a jeweler launched new color options for our Rio and Kingpin kilns.

Last edited: 10/28/2019

When I was a teenager, we didn't have cell phones. (And I also walked 10 miles uphill—both ways—to school in the snow.) If I needed to deliver a message to a friend, I found one of her friends, and passed on an intricately folded letter with a message such as "Meet me in C-Hall at 3 for a ride to soccer practice." These days, you can easily update anyone via social media or text message. And it is also a marvelous perk that I can receive technical assistance or get expert advice on products and services via chat, text, or email.

These new avenues bring about extra ways to communicate not only ideas, but also valuable feedback and sometimes even uncommon requests.

For example, did you know that many of Rio Grande's most popular kilns can be special ordered in colors other than the blue often seen on Rio's catalog pages? We didn't know this either, until one of you asked us—and it all started with a tweet.

Lisa Juen, a jewelry artist/designer from Germany, sent us a tweet inviting us to read one of her blog posts. In the post, she presented her quest to purchase a kiln. During her search, she happened upon a beautifully painted hot-pink model. This kiln was perfectly pink, but was it perfectly suited for her firing needs?

She says, "Yes, I admit that the colour does give me a special thrill, and I know that the mere sight of this little machine would put a smile on my face every day! And I really thought that this would be the one, but there are some issues with it of course…" (Read the rest of Lisa's story on her blog)

Lisa's new pink kiln!
Lisa's new pink kiln!

As Lisa pondered all the factors such as the heating element, pre-programming, heating capacity and whether it was specialized for metal clay versus glass, she was torn, because she loved the color of the kiln shown on the website, but it didn't reach the high temperature she needed for enamel work and ceramics. She ultimately decided that she wanted something more heavy-duty.

After reading her post, we tweeted her back:


We got her email address so that we could help make her quest for the ideal kiln a successful one. It turned out that we did carry the kiln that she needed (the Rio Model 1000 Enameling Kiln with Nine Program Controller) but we did not carry the color that she wanted (that vivid shade of pink that had so thrilled her). Well, why not see if we can order it for her in pink? We checked and found out that the kiln she wanted could be special-ordered in pink for a small extra charge.

Lisa has paved the way for you to order a kiln of a different color, too! We invite anyone who is looking for the perfect kiln (in that perfect color) to call, tweet, email, or chat us for a quote. You can have not only the power, size and features you need, you can have a color that puts a smile on your face every time you lay eyes on it!

Take a look at Lisa's blog, her jewelry is quite amazing! Here's a glimpse of some of her work:

Left: "DoroFly", Globalorette Series, Brooch. Right: "TeclAntula", Globalorette Series, Brooch.

A simple tweet evolved into a great experience—and an exciting opportunity—for all of us. Through social media and email we have all become better acquainted. And Lisa is able to run her business from virtually anywhere in the world. Nice to meet you, Lisa! We hope to see the new work that comes from your pink kiln!

Both Kingpin 88 and Rio models are available in other exciting colors:

All of our Kingpin 88 Kilns are available in Salsa, Mancini, Gold Rush, Envy, Empire, Copper Mine, Bone, and Silver colors.
Some of our Rio kilns are available in black, turquoise, purple, and pink.

For more information about ordering a kiln in your favorite color, chat or tweet us any time! Rio's number and chat link is in the upper right corner of every page.