3M Trizact Abrasive

Learn how to create a superior finish with exclusive Trizact abrasives developed by 3M.

Last edited: 8/15/2018

3M Trizact abrasive features a pyramid-shaped structure that helps complete metal and lapidary work quickly and efficiently. Its exclusive micro-replicating technology wears evenly for long bench life. The unique abrasive surface cuts stone and metal smoothly without pressure, reducing buffing and tumbling time. Use belts, discs and shop rolls with Trizact abrasives to achieve a superior professional finish on your jewelry pieces.

On metals and stones with a Mohs hardness between four and seven, use Trizact abrasives in sequence. Start with 500 and 2000 grit belts or discs. Work through a progression of gradually increasing grits. Complete the final polish with a 50,000 grit diamond belt.