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Casting with Neutec™
Think you have to work harder to get better ROI? Think again. Think Neutec™.

Building a better ROI (return on investment) for your casting operation depends on five factors:

  • SPEED. How quickly can I move flasks through the system?
  • QUANTITY. How many viable castings do I get out of each cycle?
  • QUALITY. How much time and labor must I put into finishing each casting?
  • WASTED METAL. How much unsaleable metal (sprues, button, extra karatage, etc.) must be put into each cycle to be later recovered, recycled and reused?
  • DOWN TIME. How reliably and repeatably does my equipment perform? How dependable and efficient are my machine, consumables and supplies?

When you choose Neutec™, all of these factors shake out significantly more in your favor, adding to your ROI, than with any other casting products. Here's how:

So High-Tech, It's Easy!

Learn to use your machine in one day, teach others to use it—each machine does not require an expert caster to oversee and monitor every cycle.

Intuitive Controls

Simple to use, simple to set, simple to change—you can set it your parameters and let the machine do the work.

Computer Control

The Advanced Dynamic Computer™ monitors, self-adjusts and remembers.

Streamlined Design

Move metal from crucible to flask with almost no heat loss.

Heating Technology

18-turn coil makes heating incredibly fast and efficient.

Pressure & Vacuum

All of your design details are filled more completely on every pattern.

Closed Systems

Keeps defect-causing oxygen away from your metal.

No Over-Karating Needed—Ever

Efficient stirring keeps your alloy homogeneous throughout the crucible.

Temperature Control

Precise temperature readings protect the integrity of the alloy.

Fast Cycle Times

Move your flasks from one cycle to the next with profitable efficiency.


Service & Support—24/7

No contract to buy, no hoops to jump through. Neutec's 24/7 service and support means you are never in it alone—in warranty or out. Call, fax or email; Neutec Field Service Engineers are here, all day, every day, to get you up and casting, to help resolve challenges, to supply the know-how, equipment and parts you need, and to keep your casting operations running smoothly and effectively. When a house call is required, depending on the size of your machine and its location, FSEs on occasion will come to you to help get your operation running at your desired capacity.

Full Warranty on Parts & Labor

Neutec machines are warranted for parts and labor (except those parts intended to wear and be replaced in the normal operation of the casting machine) for one full year after purchase.

Easy Maintenance

Neutec machines need little maintenance; keep them clean, cooled, and regularly change out filters and consumables, as they wear.

Made in the USA

Every Neutec casting machine, as well as most consumables, are designed and built right here in the United States to the highest quality standards by people as dedicated as you are to getting the best possible result with no wasted materials or labor in the process.

Worldwide Ready

Every Neutec casting machine goes out the door with full engineering documentation and construction documents preserved in our permanent records. Most are CE- and CSA-certified and all are built with single-phase or 3-phase wiring (your choice) wiring designed to self-adjust to just about any current source (200-240 volts) around the world. Simply attach the plug needed for the outlet configuration in your location and you’re good to go.


Casting Machines


  • Dimensions: 18"W x 18"D x 32"H
  • Max. flask size: 4" dia. x 9"H
  • Cycle time: 6-8 mins.
  • Crucible capacity: 154cc (722g sterling)
  • Power: 208-240 volts (1-phase)


  • Dimensions: 22"W x 40"D x 35"H
  • Max. flask size: 5" dia. x 9"H
  • Cycle time: 4 mins.
  • Crucible capacity: 184cc (1,151g sterling)
  • Power: 200-240 volts (1-phase)


  • Dimensions: 27"W x 40"D x 62"H
  • Max. flask size: 6" dia. x 12"H
  • Cycle time: 2.5-3 mins.
  • Crucible capacity: 275cc (1,716g sterling)


  • Dimensions: 27"W x 40"D x 62"H
  • Max. flask size: 6" dia. x 12"H
  • Cycle time: 2.5-3 mins.
  • Crucible capacity: 275cc (1,716g sterling)
  • Power: 220 volts (3-phase)


  • Dimensions: 26"W x 46"D x 52"H
  • Max. flask size: —
  • Cycle time: process up to .75kg/min.
  • Crucible capacity: 815cc (8,500g sterling)
  • Power: 220 volts (3-phase)

Neutec Dry-Media Air Separator

Neutec Dry-Media Air Separator
  • Dimensions: 45"W x 24"D x 62-1/2"H
  • Capacity: 50 lbs. (media and pieces)
  • Power: 220 volts (60Hz)

Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator

Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator
  • Dimensions: 51-1/2"W x 21-1/2"D x 64-1/4"H
  • Capacity: 50 lbs. (media and pieces)
  • Power: 220 volts (60Hz)

Neutec Quenching Station and Wet Blast Devesting Cabinet

Neutec Quenching Station and Wet Blast Devesting Cabinet
  • Dimensions: 55-1/4"W x 24-1/2"D x 64-1/2"H
  • Power: 220 volts (50/60Hz)

Not sure which Neutec machine is right for you?


Casting Accessories & Consumables

Grain-Making Capability

All Neutec casting machines (except the tabletop J-2R) can be quickly converted to make grain to your exact specifications. Simply stock your own fine gold and silver, along with the master alloys you use most, then mix the karat or color grain you need whenever you need it—in just the amounts you need. You don’t have to keep many varieties sitting idle on your shelves and you have what you need now, not later. In addition, you can recycle your own sprues and scraps into clean, reusable grain without having to send it out to a refiner (avoiding an expense in both time and money).

Cooling Options

All induction-heated casting machines must be water-cooled to protect vital internal systems and to lengthen the service life of consumables used within the system. Neutec casting machines are designed with the internal plumbing to enable easy hook-up to a water source and Neutec additionally offers options that allow you to conserve water or to overcome any water pressure issues that may be present in your location. A specially designed recirculating cooler unit, plumbed to match its specific machine, is available for each of the Neutec induction-heated casting machine models.


NeuSprue® Sprue & Base Systems

Designed and patented by Neutec, the NeuSprue sprue & base systems do so much for you:

  • Facilitate the treeing process with a smooth tapered shape and built-in button.
  • Protect investment patterns throughout the burnout process with screw on/lift-off base.
  • Provide clean, complete burnout.
  • Minimize the unsaleable metal needed per pour with smaller, tapered button.
  • Streamline the pour to minimize turbulence and deliver metal faster with less heat loss with tapered stem and button and a tip shaped to enhance fill and dampen splash-back.

SuperPerf™ Steel Flasks

Solidly built from #304 stainless steel (3mm thick) and constructed to exacting specifications, SuperPerf perforated flasks have double crossbars and a trued roundness. They hold their shape even in high-pressure casting operations to protect fragile investment and to deliver a longer service life. Each flask features larger perforations and more of them than other brands to enhance the outgassing (the efficiency of the vacuum or pressure draw) for better fills. All welds are of submarine quality, smooth and straight to allow faster cleanup and smooth removal of investment after casting. Flanged flasks have extra-heavy, 5/16" flanges welded precisely perpendicular to the flask walls to ensure a good fit with the sprue bases, to resist temperature warping, and to better support the flask over years of constant use.


Graphite Consumables

High-quality C-20 and C-50 graphite, used to make Neutec crucibles, sealing rods, stirring rods and other casting components, scavenges dissolved oxygen from the metal as it melts and converts any copper oxides back into pure copper. This action virtually eliminates porosity and imperfections caused by having oxides in the molten metal. Why two grades? While both are effective, the higher-grade C-50 graphite delivers a longer service life for any metal types you may cast, and is a must if you are casting white gold or high-karat yellow gold.


What Neutec Owners Say

The GrainPro is amazing. The consistency of our grain and alloys now is as good as it gets—and that is directly proportional to the quality of our castings. —Eric Gosmeyer, Quality Gold
Hi from Australia. I have been the proud owner of a JzP for 13 years and have only retired my original JzP last year and updated to a new JzP. I believe this machine has given me a quality edge for all of my casting products. —John Jacobsen, Goldleaf Enterprises
I began with a J2R, moved on to a Jz for additional capacity and for years have relied upon my JzP. Neutec engineering makes these machines the easiest of any machines I have used. I have trained four different employees on how to use Neutec's JzP machine. They all have become proficient within one week. It gives the most consistent results day-in and day-out. It is extremely dependable and just keeps working and working with only regular maintance; I calculate that I have cast over 12,000 flasks so far with this machine and I expect it to continue for many more years. —Charles Springer, Silvercloud, Inc.
I have so much experience with a J-2R. It's from one of the finest companies in the entire world and doesn't really have any competition. Why would I waste my time with anything else? —Barry Blanchard, Anatometal, Inc.

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