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Home > Remove titanium
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How To Anodize Reactive Metals: Coloring Niobium and Titanium
Follow along with Bill Seeley, founder of Reactive Metals, Inc. and a pioneer in anodizing reactive metals for jewelry-making as he demonstrates the steps in performing this simple process.
Anodizing Demonstration at JCK Las Vegas with Bill Seeley of Reactive Metals ...
This video from Rio Grande features the founder of Reactive Metals Studio, Bill Seeley, at the JCK Las Vegas show, demonstrating the anodization process for reactive metals, niobium or titanium, using the SMT Micro Anodizer he developed.
How To
How to Work with Titanium
This information on working with titanium provides a quick and useful guide to effectively performing a variety of jewelry-making processes on this metal and producing finished pieces your customers will love.
How To
How to Bath Anodize Titanium
There are several ways to anodize a titanium work piece. Using the bath anodizing process, you can create a single, solid color or you can create a rainbow effect or multiple solid-color blocks.
How To
How to Spot Anodize Titanium
There are several ways to anodize a work piece. Using the spot anodizing process, you can create painted and patterned designs.
SMT Micro Anodizer Instructions
Learn how to set up, use, adjust and maintain your SMT Micro Anodizer with these complete instructions.
William Seeley
Bill Seeley holds a B.A. in theater from Michigan State University and an MFA in Art and Design from the University of Kansas. These two things may seem incongruous for a guy who went on to found Reactive Metals Studio and now spends his time
White Paper
Using the Properties of Reactive Metals In Jewelry-Making
In this paper, the Rio Grande technical team provides information about reactive metals with respect to jewelry-making and the coloring of jewelry designs.

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