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177 results | 6 pages
Soldering 201: Soldering and Working With Argentium Silver
Follow along with industry favorite and Argentium® Silver expert Ronda Coryell as she shares a variety of tips for working with Argentium Silver.
Using Russian Filigree Solder with Victoria Lansford
Follow along with expert Victoria Lansford as she demonstrates how to solder fine work with Russian filigree solder in this video from Rio Grande.
How to Solder End Cap Onto a Silver Chain
Learn how to finish your chains and necklaces professionally with any clasp you like by soldering end caps onto sterling silver chain.
How To Solder Gold-Filled Chandelier Earrings
Mark Nelson demonstrates techniques and tips for soldering on gold-filled material making a pair of chandelier earrings with Swarovski Elements.
Soldering with Mark Nelson as seen on Beads, Baubles and Jewels
Mark Nelson tours the basic tools you'll need for soldering and the preparation necessary for soldering a jump ring together.
How To Apply Basic Soldering, A DVD Excerpt
Preview our popular Basic Soldering DVD! In this excerpt you'll learn how to solder a butt joint on a ring using silver hard solder.
How To Solder Jewelry DVD, Vol. 1
Get comfortable setting up and using soldering torches, and learn about soldering tools as well as safety techniques.
How To Solder Jewelry DVD, Vol. 2
In this volume, you'll learn to expand your techniques to create more complex jewelry designs
How to Set Up Your Little Torch Propane/Oxygen System
Mark Nelson shows you how to safely set up your Little Torch torch and fuel tanks for safe, efficient soldering and torch firing.
Jewelry Torch Anatomy, Safety and Setup
Mark Nelson takes the fear out of using fire and flame by explaining the differences between jewelry torches, their setup and basic safety tips.
How To Light and Adjust Your Smith SilverSmith Torch
Spend a few minutes with Bruce Buhler from Smith Equipment and see how to light and adjust your Silversmith torch to get the best results.
How To Etch and Apply Patina To Mokume Gane, with Phillip Baldwin
In this video from Rio Grande, Phillip Baldwin, founder of Shining Wave Metals, shows you how to etch mokume gane and how to apply a color and finish that beautifully highlights this patterned metal.
Touring the Benefits of the Hydrogen Torch
In this video from Rio Grande, take a short tour that highlights several of the benefits you can get using a hydrogen torch.
The Rio Grande Hydrogen Torch System
Discover the strengths and benefits that hydrogen torch systems offer to your business for welding and soldering work in this video from Rio Grande.
Setting Up and Using the Hydrogen Torch Systems from Rio Grande
In this video from Rio Grande, learn from Mark Nelson and Aldo Todescato, manufacturer's representative, how to set up and use your hydrogen torch system.
How To Light Your Smith LittleTorch for Acetylene Fuel
Share a few minutes with Bruce Buhler as he shows you how to safely and efficiently light your Smith acetylene torch.
How To Light Your Smith LittleTorch for Propane Fuel
Share a few minutes with Bruce Buhler as he shows you how to safely and efficiently light your Smith propane torch.
How to Make a Loop & Loop Chain
Mark Nelson shows you how to make a handmade loop & loop chain for necklaces or bracelets.
How To Make Metal Spool Beads
Mark Nelson uses a jeweler's saw and soldering tools to make a series of fun and simple metal spool beads.
Making PMC Post Earrings Using Texture Sheet and Embeddables
Using a Dynasty Tapestry texture sheet and silver Embeddables eyelets, Candace Gates creates a pair of richly textured earrings with pearl drops.
Making Dragon Post Earrings Using the Rebecca Chung Jeweled Dragons Dynasty ...
Work along with designer Candace Gates as she creates a pair of dragon earrings using a Rebecca Chung designed Dynasty texture stamp in this video from Rio Grande.
Neutec PulsePoint: Laser Welding Designed for Jewelry Makers & Manufacturers
Learn the 'Why' before you buy. In this video, Patrick Sage, Rio Grande product manager for the Neutec line of PulsePoint laser welding equipment, discusses how Neutec got into laser welding and why the machines they design are the best choice
What Jobs Can You Do with a PulsePoint Laser Welder? Take a Look at Just a Few!
In this video, get a quick overview of the challenging tasks made simple--and fast--by a PulsePoint laser welding machine!
How To
How To Use Solder Fast Silver
See how to use Solder Fast Silver to join most metals effectively and with no mess.
Victoria Lansford Russian Filigree Powdered Solder Instruction Sheet
Find out how to use this powdered solder. Its exceptionally fine texture allows the artist to use much less to accomplish the same job--especially ideal for Russian filigree and other fine work.
Basic Soldering Class
Embrace the flame! Learn what the flame of a torch can do for...
Class Price : $345.00
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
How To
How To Differentiate Wire Solders
Knowing how to tell your wire solder from other wire on your bench will prevent accidentally mistaking one for the other.
Solder Fast Zinc Instructions
Learn how to use Solder Fast Zinc safely, as well as read first aid and cleanup recommendations.
How To
The Basics On How To Solder Effectively
Here's how to solder effectively using the basic skills for soldering.
Electric Soldering Machine Instructions
Instructions for successfully soldering very fine or tightly-packed connections using the electric soldering machine.

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