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How to Tumble-Clean Charms and Small Castings
Use the tumbling method to smooth and polish charms and other small castings.
How To Prevent Tarnish On Your Jewelry Pieces
Discover what tarnish is, how it attacks your jewelry, and how to clean it away and keep it from coming back.
Pliers and Cutters General Maintenance Kit
In this video with Tim Sheriff, see how to use the Rio Grande general maintenance kit to keep your pliers and cutters in tip-top working order.
Reimers Steam-Cleaning Machine Manual
This owner's manual explains safety, setup and instructions for using the Reimers® steam-cleaning machine.
How To
How to Clean Stone Beads
How to clean your stone beads, ensuring they look their best and wear beautifully.
How To
How To Keep Jewelry Inventory Clean and Protected
Know how to use the best tools and methods for keeping your stock clean and looking its best for the ultimate sales results.
Steam or Ultrasonically Clean?
Reference this handy chart when you need to know how to best clean any faceted gemstone.
How To
How to Clean Tube Beads (Heishi)
Knowing how to clean tube beads (heishi) keeps them bright and sparkling.
How To
How To Use Rio Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate
Learn how to safely use this mild jewelry cleaner on base metal, soft stones and more.
How To
How To Use Rio Rapid Cleaner
Clean buffing compounds, oils, dirt and more with Rio Rapid Cleaner.
How To
How To Use Sunsheen Steel Shot Cleaner
Sunsheen Steel Shot Cleaner is acid based and non-caustic so you can use it with most machines including those with a neoprene lining.
How To
How To Clean the Manufacturing Residue From New Tools
Many hand tools arrive from the manufacturer coated with a protective substance. The coating is easy to remove; here's how to do it.
How To
How To Use Wax Brite Cleaning Solvent
Learn how to safely clean and polish wax models for jewelry casting.
How To
Caring For Your Cabs
When you know how to care for your cabochons, you help ensure a long, brilliant life for them.
How To
How To Use Sparklean
Learn how to use this dry powder as a pre-soak in an ultrasonic cleaner.
How To
Midas Metal Kleen
Learn how to safely clean metal prior to finishing with a patina using Midas Metal Kleen.
How To
How To Use Midas Electrocleaner Solution
Learn how to successfully use Midas® electrocleaner solution to prepare pieces for plating.
How To
How To Remove Pitch From Your Pitch Bowl
Pitch bowls are excellent for engraving, chasing and repoussé tasks. After use, here's how to clean the pitch from the bowl.
How To
How To Use Rio Kleen Pickle
Safely remove flux and oxidation on brass, bronze, nickel and imitation golds using Rio Kleen Pickle.
Rio WetBlast High-Power Devesting Machine Manual
Follow this owner's manual to thoroughly clean investment from castings using the WetBlast high-power devesting machine.
How To
How To Use Midas Silver Tarnish-Off
Learn how to remove tarnish from silver or silver-plated materials instantly.
Blitz Diamond Brite Jewelry Cleaner MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Blitz Foamz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Ammoniated Jewelry Cleaner MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Multi-Etch Cleaner Granules, MSDS
Material safety data sheet
Rio Rapid Cleaner MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Stay Clean Flux MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Sunray Jewelry Cleaner MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet

Showing 1-30 of 42 results

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