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bench pin
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Meet and Learn About the Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin™ System
Meet and learn all about the Jayne Redman® Rotational Bench Pin system in this video from Rio Grande, narrated by Jayne Redman herself.
Installing and Using the Jayne Redman Rotational Bench Pin
Jayne Redman demonstrates her innovative rotational bench pin, showing you how to install the base onto your bench and how to install and use the work surface/bench pin.
How To Make a Fibula Brooch
In this project, Mark Nelson makes a fibula brooch using silver sheet metal and basic jewelry bench tools.
Jane Redman Rotational Bench Pin Instruction Sheet
Created by jewelry maker, designer and teacher Jayne Redman, the innovative Rotational Bench Pin provides the ideal work surface companion for your jeweler's bench. These instructions help you get your pin set up easily and properly so you're

Showing 1-30 of 4 results

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