Estimate Your Precious Metal Scrap Payout

Recycling precious metal scrap with Rio's Precious Metals Recycling Service is a convenient, reliable and expedient way for jewelers to reinvest in their business. Professional jewelers trust Rio as their precious metal scrap recycling partner in the industry.

Enter your precious metal scrap weight to see an estimate of your dollar value calculated based on the daily spot market. Please note: This is intended as a guide only; our Precious Metals Recycling Service will thoroughly and accurately determine the actual value of your precious metal scrap based on the most current metal markets at the time it is processed.

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Segregated Fine Silver Scrap

Payment Rate: 85%: 

Sterling silver*, Argentium Silver, and mixed sterling/fine silver scrap

NOTE: Must be cadmium-free.

Payment Rate: 85%: 


Payment Rate: 65%: 

Silver filings and swarf

Payment Rate: 40%: 

Cadmium-bearing sterling silver (requires special refining)

Payment Rate: 65%: 

.999 fine silver medallions, and bars – with recognized mark.

Payment Rate: 95%: 

.900 coinage silver

Payment Rate: 85%: 

Gold-filled (at least 12/20) 0.0250 purity (12/20); 0.0292 purity (14/20)

Payment Rate: 65%: 

24K gold (Jeweler's karat gold scrap)**

Payment Rate: 85%: 

22K gold (Jeweler's karat gold scrap)** 0.9166 purity

Payment Rate: 85%: 

18K gold (Jeweler's karat gold scrap)** 0.7500 purity

Payment Rate: 85%: 

14K gold (Jeweler's karat gold scrap)** 0.5833 purity

Payment Rate: 85%: 

10K gold (Jeweler's karat gold scrap)** 0.4167 purity

Payment Rate: 85%: 

.999 24KY gold coins or medallions with registered mark

Payment Rate: 95%: 


Payment Rate: 60%: 


Payment Rate: 60%: 


* Miixed fine and sterling silver scrap will be processed as sterling silver with the assumption that the batch is 92.5% pure silver. If the silver proves to be less pure than we assumed, the payout will be adjusted accordingly.

** Rio Grande buys 10K, 14K and other purities of karat gold. We pay for the pure gold content within. Prior to the Plumb Gold Act (effective 1981), US-produced 10K and 14K gold jewelry were 9.5K and 13.5K respectively. Gold-filled must be at least 12/20.

*** Most jewelry-grade platinum is either 90% or 95% pure platinum. Rio Grande pays for the amount of pure platinum present in your scrap.

**** Rio Grande buys alloyed palladium jewelry metal, paying for the amount of pure palladium present.


Rio buys gold by the pennyweight (dwt.); 1 troy ounce (ozt.) = 20 dwts. The examples below are based on a $1600/ozt. daily gold spot market price, which equates to $80/dwt.

Gold Example:
You return 10 dwts. of 10K gold scrap.

10 dwts (gross weight) x 0.4167 (gold content of 10K) = 4.17 dwts.of 24K gold.

Rio pays 85% of the gold value; in this case, $68 per dwt.

Your scrap value would be $283.56 (4.17 dwts. x $68).

Gold-Filled Example:
You send in 10 troy ounces (ozt.) of gold-filled scrap.

10 ozts. (gross weight) x 0.0292 (gold content of 14/20 gold-filled) = .292 ozts. of 24K gold.

Rio pays 65% of the gold value; in this case, $30.36 per ozt.

Your scrap value would be $303.60 (10 ozt. x $30.36).