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Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming, Vol.1, with Bill Fretz, DVD

Item Number: 560650

This 90-minute DVD puts renowned expert metalsmith and tool designer Bill Fretz right in your shop! Learn from the ground up, starting with basic convex and concave forming techniques.
Working through the eight lessons on this disc, you start with the basics and begin mastering techniques such as planishing, raising, using stakes to form and flute metal, and many others. Stop the DVD at any time to practice each new technique. Back up as often as you like to watch Bill demonstrate the technique until you feel comfortable giving it a try yourself. Invite Bill back again and again to work with you as you build your skills.
The disc includes safety tips on tool use and on the various materials you'll be using.

Catalog page: 2016-2017 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.104