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Foredom Flex Shaft Lubrication Kit

Item Number: 117230

This Foredom® flex shaft lubrication kit includes:
• 1 oz. tube of shaft grease
• .25 oz. high-grade machine oil with 1" needle tip (squeeze to dispense)

Catalog page: 2016-2017 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.306

How To
How To Give Your Flex Shaft A Long Life
Good maintenance and proper lubrication are the best answers to questions about how to increase the service life of your flex shaft. Regular maintenance of the parts of your flex shaft keeps this versatile, can't-live-without-it tool working effectively and efficiently for years to come.

Step 1  Lubricate the flexible inner shaft after every 50 hours of use.
Step 2  Using a rag, wipe off the old lubricant.
Step 3  Apply a small amount of fresh lubricant.
Step 4  Use lubricant sparingly and do not place any lubricant on the 6" nearest the handpiece. Lubricant is not intended for handpieces and can cause problems if allowed to seep into the handpiece.