How To Form Shibuichi Silver

How To Form Shibuichi Silver

Use this simple metal-forming technique to form curved shapes in shibuichi silver.


• 3" x 3-1/2" of 18-ga. shibuichi silver sheet (103981)
• Peddinghaus forming hammer (112406)
• Peddinghaus bordering hammer (112401)
• Heavy bench anvil (113812)
• Premium steel bench block, 3-15/16" x 3-15/16" (115316)



1. Place the sheet of shibuichi silver on the bench block or anvil.

2. Using the rounded face of the forming hammer, start hammering in the center of the sheet. Overlap your hammer strikes and use care to apply the same force to each blow.

3. The force of the blows pushes the metal outward and downward, beginning to form the domed shape in the middle of the sheet.

4. Work in circles from the center of the sheet out toward the edges, repeating this path from the center to the edges until you have achieved the curvature you want.

5. Use the bordering hammer to thicken the edges of the sheet and give them texture.