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flexshafts and rotary
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flexshafts and rotary
Home > Remove tools and equipment > Remove flexshafts and rotary
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Amy Cliser
Amy Cliser talks to thousands. As the social media marketer for Rio Grande, Amy is constantly interacting with Rio friends and partners around the worldand loving it. Each of the social media venues has its own personality, its own wording,
Arien Gessner
Arien Gessner thrives in the internet world. Helping small businesses do just that has been his focus from that day to this. He most enjoys the aha’ moments when “students learn that something that seemed too complex at first turns
How To Work With Wood Bangles
Mark Nelson shows a variety of techniques for embellishing wood bangles and bracelets using a flex shaft, sterling silver tubing, copper wire and basic jewelry bench tools.
Wolf Tools Belt Sander Instructions
These instructions will help you quickly, safely and effectively set up and use your Wolf Tools belt sander with your flex shaft handpiece.
How To
How to Change the Motor Brushes on Your Flex Shaft
The flex shaft is one of the most important and versatile tools you use at your bench. Learn how to change the motor brushes to ensure a long service life.
Drill Press Instructions
See how simple it is to set up your drill press using these quick and easy instructions.
How To Safely Drill Your Own Beads
With a drill press and the right technique, you can turn any found object into a bead for jewelry by drilling your own holes.
How To Effectively Drill Into Glass and Stone
Drill effectively into glass or stone pieces following these simple directions.
Flex Shaft 101
Learn how to use what will quickly become the most valuable tool...
Class Date : TBD
Class Price : $145
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
Craftsy Presents Getting Started with the Flex Shaft, Online Class Instructed...
Master the most versatile tool in your shop: the flex shaft!...
Class Date : Available Online
Type : PMC Certification
Foredom Filter Hood Assembly, Operation and Service Manual
Use these instructions to assemble your Foredom® filter hood for safe operation and regular service.
Foredom Flex Shaft Lubrication Kit MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Foredom K1070 Micromotor Kit Owner Manual
These instructions include operation guidelines and maintenance tips for the Foredom K1070 Micromotor kit.
Foredom HPMH-011 Hammer Handpiece Instructions
This information page shows how to attach the HPMH-011 hammer handpiece to your Foredom® Micromotor kit.
Foredom Brushless Micro Motor Operations Manual
Keep this guide handy for operational instructions and maintenance tips for your Foredom® brushless micro motor.
Marathon Micro Motor Handpiece Deal Drawings
This chart describes the assembly and parts of Marathon Micro Motor handpieces.
Helen Driggs
Metalsmith and artist Helen Driggs is the Senior Editor at Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Her expertise in many jewelry-making techniques along with her enthusiastic approach to teaching make her a favorite among students.

Adjusting the Speed on Your Variable Speed Mini Drill Press with Thomas Flores
Thomas Flores of the Rio Grande Technical Support team demonstrates how easy it is to adjust the speed of your variable-speed drill press.
How To
How To Change Your Flex Shaft Handpiece
Changing handpieces is quick and simple; here's how to change a handpiece with no wasted motion as you work.
How To
How to Grease Your Flex Shaft
The flex shaft is one of the most important and versatile tools you use at your bench. Learn how to grease and maintain your flex shaft to ensure a long service life.
Jewelry-Making 101
If you're thinking about getting into the artistic and rewarding...
Class Date : TBD
Class Price : $295
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
Julie Melka Metals III Class Project
Materials list for Julie Melka Metals III(2370) Class Project at Laramie County Community College.
How To
How To Give Your Flex Shaft A Long Life
Good maintenance and proper lubrication are the best answers on how to increase the service life of your flex shaft.
How to Make Jewelry Jump Rings
Ever think of making your own jump rings for jewelry-making? Mark Nelson shows how easy it is to make custom jump rings with the help of his handy flex shaft.
How To
How To Adjust the Mini Drill Press
Here's how to adjust the mini drill press to get the results you want for the tasks you do.
Foredom Series SR Flexible Shaft Owner's Manual
This owner's manual has assembly, operation and maintenance instructions for Foredom® SR flex shafts.
Using the Proxxon Light-Duty Micro Mill
See how easy it is to use your Proxxon light-duty micro mill to carve, shape, cut and shape even fine materials.
Using the Proxxon Micro Motor
The Proxxon micro motor tool is ideal for drilling, milling, engraving and more on base and precious metals with precision control.
How To
How To Reassemble the Shaft and Sheath After Flex Shaft Maintenance
Knowing how to correctly reassemble the flex shaft and sheath is critical to achieving proper operation of the flex shaft.
How To
How to Replace the Inner Shaft on Your Flex Shaft
The flex shaft is one of the most important and versatile tools you use at your bench. Learn how to replace the inner shaft of your flex shaft to ensure a long service life.

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