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3Design FAQ Handbook
This extensive collection of frequently asked questions, gathered by the maker of 3Design software, provides a terrific head start if you are new to CAD or new to 3Design in particular.
How To
3Design Benefits Flyer
This sales flyer illustrates some of the benefits you will find in using 3Design CAD software.
3Design Introductory Flyer
Meet 3Design CAD software and discover why it is stirring excitement throughout the jewelry world.
3Design Promo Flyer
Take a look at this colorful promotional flyer to get a quick glimpse of the features offered by 3Design CAD software.
How To
3Design Specifications Flyer
This flyer presents all the specifications you'll need to support and set up 3Design software in your design shop.
Amy Cliser
Amy Cliser talks to thousands. As the social media marketer for Rio Grande, Amy is constantly interacting with Rio friends and partners around the worldand loving it. Each of the social media venues has its own personality, its own wording,
Arien Gessner
Arien Gessner thrives in the internet world. Helping small businesses do just that has been his focus from that day to this. He most enjoys the aha’ moments when “students learn that something that seemed too complex at first turns
CAD with 3Design
Learn how to use computer-aided design (CAD) in your jewelry...
Class Date : April 8-10, 2015; 9:00 am–4:30 pm July 29-31, 2015; 9:00 am–4:30 pm October 14-16, 2015; 9:00 am–4:30 pm
Workshop Price : $925
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
David Swallow
A 3DESIGN software certified trainer and application engineer for Vision Numeric, David has eight years of CAD jewelry-making experience. For seven of those years he has been a software training instructor, giving him the ideal mix of doing
Helen Driggs
Metalsmith and artist Helen Driggs is the Senior Editor at Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Her expertise in many jewelry-making techniques along with her enthusiastic approach to teaching make her a favorite among students.

James Dailing
Working as a designer in Hawaii was just the beginning for Jim Dailing. His "journey studying the magic of metals" led to an MFA in the arts and a professional life balancing his passion for designing and creating with his passion for teaching
Jewelry-Making 101
If you're thinking about getting into the artistic and rewarding...
Class Date : TBD
Class Price : $295
Type : Recurring
Level : Beginner
Julianna Silva
Meet Julianna Silva: business mentor, partner, aspiring world traveler. With a degree in business from University of New Mexico's renowned Anderson School of Management, Julianna provides marketing, accounting and operations support for micro-businesses,
Julie Melka Metals III Class Project
Materials list for Julie Melka Metals III(2370) Class Project at Laramie County Community College.
Marlene Richey
Meet Marlene Richey: CEO, Employee of the Month, and Janitor (and darn proud of all her roles). With degrees from both accredited universities and the school of hard knocks, Marlene is a hard-fought expert in applying business principles to
Re-Mixed Media DVD
See what amazing jewelry you can create with simple, found-metal objects using just a few tools and techniques.

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