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Blaine Lewis On Precision Bur Control While Setting Gemstones
Renowned teacher, stone-setter and president of New Approach School for Jewelers, Blaine Lewis demonstrates how to use burs effectively to achieve precise control and prevent damage while creating stone settings.
The Trendsetter Wheel
In this video from Rio Grande, Blaine Lewis of New Approach School for Jewelers, shows you how effective his TrendSetter™ Wheels are for practicing the art of setting a variety of gemstones.
How To Use the EMLO Dot Stone-Setting System
See how to use the EMLO dot color-coded stone-setting system to create perfect settings every time.
How To Cut Prongs with the AllSet Easy-Cut Prong Guide
See how to cut prongs quickly, easily and perfectly using the innovative AllSet® Easy-Cut Prong Guide.
How to Bezel Set Cabochons
Mark Nelson teaches bezel-setting, a basic stone setting skill that folds a metal setting over a cabochon, cameo or other stone.
Using the AllSet Stone-Setting System To Pave-Set Gemstones
Watch AllSet inventor Jeffrey Mathews as he sets up and uses the AllSet stone-setting guide to set pavé-set gemstones quickly and perfectly.
Using the Easy-Set Prong Guide For V-Prong Settings
Watch AllSet inventor Jeffrey Mathews as he sets up and uses the V-prong guide to set a gemstone quickly and perfectly.
Setting a Three-Stone Mother's Ring Project
Learn how to set a stone into a simple prong setting in this how-to project from Rio Grande.
Basic Stone-Setting
Learn the basics of stone setting in this two-day class from...
Type : Recurring
Class Date : April 28-29, 2015 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Class Price : $385
Level : Beginner
Intermediate Stone-Setting
Learn more advanced stone-setting techniques such as pavé,...
Type : Recurring
Class Date : April 30-May 1, 2015 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Class Price : $385
Level : Intermediate
How To
How To Use the EMLO Stone-Setting System
Learn how to use these color-coded dots to experiment and to determine a design layout for your stone-set pieces before you begin drilling.
How To Use the Rio Stone-Setting Vise
These instructions help you effectively use your Rio stone-setting vise.
How To
Create Gemstone Settings From Tubing
You can use heavy-wall tubing to create tube settings quickly and conveniently for a wide variety of round gemstones.
Blaine Lewis
Pioneer of the use of high-definition, high-magnification projection of fine, precision work being demonstrated in the classroom, Blaine Lewis brings a transformational zest and energy to learning stone-setting.
Foredom Allset Master Stone-Setting Kit Instruction Handbook
This instructional handbook goes over all the stone-setting tools in the AllSet® Master stone-setting kit.
Bezel Forming Punch Set Instructions
Learn how to produce a large number of bezel settings using a disc cutter, centering dies and bezel-forming punch set.
Foredom AllSet Adapter Instructions
Instructions for assembly and use of the Foredom AllSet® adapter for stone setting.

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