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Because all sizes should be
created equal.
TRUE-SIZE ring gauge set

Light always travels at 299,792,458 meters per second. The density of solid silver is always 10.5 grams per cubic centimeter. And a size 6 ring should always be a size 6 ring—at the counter and on the bench.

So why isn't it? Because not all sizing tools are created equal.

Enter Kate Wolf: bench jeweler, tool designer, admirer of all things well-crafted. Unsatisfied with the inconsistent ring sizing options available, she devised a truly accurate system—TRUE-SIZE. Once you try the TRUE-SIZE system, you will never want to use anything else to size a ring.

Why? Precision calibration.

Kate worked closely with Ikohe, the manufacturer of her line of Wolf Tools®, to ensure the ring sizers and mandrels in the system are precisely calibrated to one another. The mandrels and the most popular ring sizers also come clearly etched in quarter sizes (becuase half sizes just aren't accurate enough). Now you can size and design for your customers the first time, every time.

"Who has the good mandrel?!"

In a shop with seven mandrels, Kate and her fellow bench jewelers were always fighting over the ONE good one. They even painted its handle orange, so it wouldn't get lost. And that's how the idea for TRUE-SIZE was born. Read the rest of Kate's TRUE-SIZE story at The Studio.

Watch a video on TRUE-SIZE!
TRUE-SIZE bench tools
TRUE-SIZE counter tools!
Shop our complete line of measuring and sizing tools.

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measuring and testing
Home > Remove tools and equipment > Remove measuring and testing
23 results | 1 pages
How To Use the Spectrowave Gemstone Color Grading Cabinet
See for yourself how versatile and effective the Spectrowave gemstone color-grading cabinet is for thoroughly and accurately viewing, assessing and grading your gemstones.
How To Use the AuRACLE Gold Tester
See how to assemble, calibrate and use the AuRACLE gold tester, one of the fastest and most effective means of testing the karat of gold in an item.
Brown & Sharpe Gauge Thicknesses
Compare standard gauge thicknesses to inches and millimeters with this easy chart.
GemOro AuRACLE AGT-2 Electronic Gold and Platinum Tester for Mobile Devices
Follow these detailed instructions to set up and use your GemOro® AuRACLE™ AGT-2 gold and platinum tester for mobile devices.
Metric Measurement Equivalent Chart
This chart provides equivalent metric units of length at a quick glance.
Measurement Conversion Table
Use this chart to help you easily convert common jewelry units of measurement, such as avoirdupois ounces, grams, troy ounces and grains.
Ohaus Emerald Hand-Held Jewelry Scales Operating Manual
This owner manual explains the assembly, programming and use of your Ohaus Emerald hand-held jewelry scale.
How To
How To Understand Luminescence and Fluorescence
Understand how to differentiate luminescence and fluorescence; they are similar, but the difference is critical.
Jewelry Design Template Instructions
This template illustrates the allowable size and placement parameters for Impressions™ personalization on this item. Use this convenient guide when planning your Impressions customization work.
Weight Conversion Chart
Use this chart to convert troy ounces and grams to pennyweights and avoirdupois ounces.
EK-ilEW-i Series Compact Balances Owner Manual
This balance owners manual goes over the setup and full functionality of the EK-i/EW-i series compact jewelry scales.
Common Measurements Conversion Chart
Use this handy reference chart to convert an English, metric or other jewelry measurement to its corresponding equivalents.
Gram Conversion Chart
Keep this table nearby and use it anytime you need to convert grams to other common units of measurement.
How To
How To Ensure Your Tester's Accuracy
Knowing how to ensure the accuracy of your gemstone tester gives you confidence in its findings every time you use it.
AuRACLE Electronic Gold and Platinum Tester Owner's Manual
Ensure the best results and long life of your AuRACLE™ gold and platinum tester by following this comprehensive owner's manual.
Platinum, Gold & Silver Testing Instructions
This short instruction sheet guides you on how to properly scratch test platinum, gold and silver using acid testing solutions.
Scout II Electronic Balances Owner's Manual
This owner's manual explains the assembly, programming and use of your Ohaus Scout II jewelry scale.
18K Gold Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Silver Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
10K Gold Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
Platinum Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
22K Gold Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet
14K Gold Test Solution MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet

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