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How To
How To Bend Tubing
See how to bend tubing smoothly and easily without kinks.
How To
How To Prepare Dead-Soft Wire For Use
Here's how to prepare dead-soft wire for use to ensure a smoother result in your designs.
Scrap Packing List Form and Instructions
Download this form and follow these instructions to properly sort, package and send your precious metal scrap to Rio Grande for an easier, faster return.
How To
How To Understand Metal Hardness
Here's how to understand the difference between hard and soft wire hardness.
Using Metal Leaf
These instructions teach you how to prep a piece of jewelry and properly gild it with metal leaf.
How To
Using Metal Leaf Successfully
Learn how to successfully apply metal leaf to your designs.
How To
The Difference Between Gold Alloys and Master Alloys
Two terms you should be familiar with are gold alloy (sometimes called pre-mixed gold alloy or karated gold, which must contain gold in the amount specified) and master alloy (which is an alloy intended to be mixed with gold that, by itself,
Jim Binnion
Jim's love of craft started in his grandmother's home. A furniture maker and weaver, Jim's grandmother inspired him to use his creative talents, which he's been doing for more than 30 years as a jeweler. Though he learned jewelry basics in high

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